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Tuesday Sex Links!

The scientific quest to prove bisexuality exists.

The science of cohabitation.

Trans realities the media usually ignores.

Michigan ban on same-sex marriage struck down.

Men will admit to rape… if you ask the question the right way. Pope appoints survivor of child sexual abuse to panel.

10 movies about weird, kinky or compulsive sex.

i see you, sexy and condescending body wash

i see you, sexy and condescending body wash

Get tickets now to my Intro to Burlesque workshop. Put the Sex with Timaree Live Variety show in your calendar.

What sex positivity is and is not.

What’s up with people who want to shut down conversations about oppression and inequality?

Appellate judges rule teachers can’t be fired for lesbian hookup in classroom.

Stunning nudes that capture intimacy of sexual acts.

Doctor accused of trading cosmetic procedures for sex.

11 drugs that might kill your libido.

If humans used animal mating rituals.

Why our culture jerks off to college porn but hates college porn stars. Slut shaming and concern trolling in geek culture.

General fined, but not jailed or demoted, for sexual assault.

Hat tip to Erica, Anne, Jess, Lydia, Damon, Dan, Grant and Jesse!

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