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Friday Sex Links!

How the invention of the alphabet led to the rise of the patriarchy.

The sex toy store specifically for women who have sex with women. Your brain on porn.

#RapeCultureIsWhen trends on twitter.

Older fathers have less attractive children.

Put the Sex with Timaree Live Variety show in your calendar for April 19.

TAPNew academic journal in Porn Studies available.

Gender transition is more than just physical changes

The Nu Project: honest nudes of regular women. The Trans Awareness Project is awesome.

Heterosexual women flirt more while ovulating, but only with bad boys.

Things that have more women than the new Australian Cabinet.

The battle for middle school girls to wear leggings is the essence of victim blaming. VA Christian school won’t allow girl who is too tomboyish.

MRA reaction to the Don’t Be That Guy campaign: posters about what monsters women are.

Ukranian women launch sex strike against Russian men.

Gloria Steinem turns 80!

What is “conscious uncoupling?”

The fantasy that puts all relationships at risk. The truth about wedding night sex.

Conservative evangelicals didn’t always consider fetuses to be people.

Hat tip to Crystal, Griff , David & Heather!

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One thought on “Friday Sex Links!

  1. I didn’t read the truth about wedding sex. Can I just assume that the truth is that you’re exhausted, because you just threw a party for 200 of your closest freinds?

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