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Friday Sex Links!

Butch vs femme in online dating profiles. Gender flipping the Miranda Kerr GQ photo shoot.

Tonight: DTF: Darryl and Timaree Fun Hour, and Sex with Timaree Live Variety Show on April 19th!

Sex research into what repels/disgusts us is just as interesting as what turns us on.The history of Equal Pay Day.

Supreme Court wont’ hear appeal from photog who didn’t want to shoot same-sex wedding, will hear arguments on Utah’s ban on same-sex marriage.

Italian man jailed for loud sex. People are using the PS4 for live sex. Non-physical reasons for sexless relationships. Is the Oculus Rift sexist?

I talk to Lux Alptraum about the latest apps for safer sex and female masturbation, totems of sex ed and the drug that might prevent HIV infection.

ballsActress sues HBO & Cinemax for harassment and bullying, they counter-sue for her refusal to do agreed sex scenes.

New evidence Jesus had a wifeRyan White died 24 years ago this week.

Lied-to children are the most likely to lie and cheat themselves. Giving praise to girls: what words work. 43% of boys experience sexual coercion.

Queer porn saved my life. Record low teen birth rate still not low enough for CDC

How do sex and fitness combine: my interview with Mainstream media finally learns about polyamory.

H/t to Paul & Anne!

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