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Friday Sex Links!

The more common beards are, the less women find them attractive.

Nipple is the app that tracks every single sexual act you do. First “female penis” found in animal kingdom, but that’s not what it is.

Saturday is the Sex with Timaree Live Variety Show at Tabu!

April is Sexual Assault Awareness Month, how to talk to your kids about it. Artist David Choe retells time he raped a masseuse, doesn’t realize that’s what it was. Director Bryan Singer accused of assaulting teen boy. Cecily McMillan’s breast grabbed by cop, she elbows him, now she’s on trial. On approaching women who distrust men. Being a CEO doesn’t prevent women from being harassed in the workplace. Ending sexual harassment in geek culture.

What different types of “coming out” show us about sexuality. Which countries have the most and longest sex?

Undergrads more likely to have sex on days when they drink, especially when single.

"where is the trigger?!"

“where is the trigger?!”

Sex education that focuses on preventing violence. What is required to raise a moral child?

White appropriation of the female curve trendiness. Don’t like the term “white privilege?” How about this.

Changing how newborns are held could reduce iron deficiencies later.

Seeking sexy your academic and personal submissions for SEXx: a TEDx-style event all about sexuality.

Journal of Homosexuality special issue on Trans sexualities. India recognizes third gender.

Philly reporter wins award for coverage of  homicide of Nizah Morris, a transwoman.

Check out Finland’s gay bondage stamps.

H/t to Blanca, Paul, Zhana, Sonalee & Geremea!

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