Sex in the news / Sex Links

Tuesday Sex Links!

David Choe and the non-rapist rapist. The fashion industry is finally starting to get it about Terry Richardson.

How often do people lie during sexts? Need a pimp? There’s an app for that.

rub one outStates where blowjobs are illegal but necrophilia is cool.

Why slut-shaming women is against the self-interest of slutty men. Aint nobody business: pop stars and double standards about sexuality.

Using TENS Unit to orgasm.

What Games of Thrones’ rape scenes can teach us about real life.

Boy Scouts ban church from hosting troop led by gay man.

An interview with a man with pedophilic attraction who has never acted on it. Are men afraid to pee together?

Young girls need to learn to value self over dating relationships.

Hat tip to Melanie, Dustin, Bethany, Cassy!

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