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Bringing Burlesque to the Bedroom

Hey kittens, this is a sponsored post about our favorite sex toy/lingerie store online and why you should head there first when looking to start or expand your collection. For other folks who might be interested in sponsoring Sex with Timaree, please contact us!

resizeIt’s the sex toy shop that you wish was next door. But it’s even closer… because it’s online. And damn, the site is gorgeous. Unlike the cheapo stores where novelty items are sold without concern for your health, Burlesque Toy Shop maintains a strictly non-toxic inventory, devoid of glycerine or parabens, and instead only features body-safe products. Show your body and your partner love by using only the best materials on your important bits.

Burlesque Toy Shop first came across my radar because of their blog, although you might’ve heard of them because they were featured by such sexuality superstars as Tristan Taormino. The blog features  both personal stories and education pieces written by folks who actually know what they’re talking about. Plus, a pretty cool library for further edification.

Maybe you’re an aficionado looking to expand an already impressive collection, maybe you’re a noob who doesn’t even know where to start. This is a toy shop for adults with discerning palates of all stripes. Expertly curated collections of toys for women and men, a little taste of kink,  beautiful selections of lingerie and an ever-growing category of burlesque couture await you. And if you use the code “TIMAREE” at check out, you get 20% of your purchase.

Questions? Comments? Violent reactions? Email or tweet @timaree_leigh See more at and


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