Sex in the news / Sex Links

Tuesday Sex Links!

Gender wage gap in childhood allowances.

Stupid law that limits the number of condoms someone can carry in NYC might go away.

lesbianingSMU students can’t be bothered to vote for election normally, but use voting app to refuse an LGBT seat on Senate. Three legal same-sex weddings voided by stay in Tennessee

The next episode of DTF is Friday the 9th and features comedian Alejandro Morales and G Philly writer Christina Ferraz!

Coverage of George Clooney’s apparent engagement shows sexism of media. Game of Thrones draws the line at sex scene between women and boy.

Porn stars’ guide to a healthy sex life. New Nordic prostitution regulations are making sex workers feel less safe.

We don’t need fewer rape story lines on TV, we need smarter ones. What is the White House doing about rape on college campuses?

Lies we need to stop telling girls about sex. The myth about old people not getting it on.

Yet another reason Dr. Drew is a douche: he insults women with endometriosis.

I was quoted in this recent article about sexual compatibility.

Hat tip to S-Man, Melanie, and Amber!

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