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Friday Sex Links!

What’s so lame about girly drinks? Female Civil War re-enactors fight for the right to pretend fight. Is it discriminatory to have a female-only floor at a hotel?

Subtle things men do that make them more attractive. This police department plans to live tweet a prostitution ring sting.

Name a movie title that describes your sex life. From the Onion: 100% of teen boys having regular sex.

Is a herpes vaccine on its way? Science needs more sex!

breakfast clubThe next episode of DTF is Friday the 9th and features comedian Alejandro Morales and G Philly writer Christina Ferraz! You should also start getting excited about Sleepover: the new Philly girl party.

Lies we need to stop telling boys about sex. How childhood play shapes ideas about sex.

Surprisingly sweet gangsta rap songs. Janet Mock schools a cis reporter about the intrusive questions trans people are asked.

We’re still taking submissions for the upcoming SEXx event in Philly– a TEDx style event devoted to sexuality.

Philadelphia “Pumping Party” trial to begin about silicone ass injections. Man falls 18 stories after fight over fourway.

Hundreds of Nigerian girls abducted, forced to marry. Ex-teacher who got one month jail for rape to be resentenced. Raising awareness of male sexual assault survivors.

I was on the latest episode of Potent Brew talking sex ed, Kim Kardashian and Crimea.

Hat tip to Ashley, Josh, Paul & S-Man!

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