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Tuesday Sex Links

5 reasons May is going to be a total sex fest. For every 100 videos viewed on PornHub, they’ll plant a tree.

Consent-promoting condom line. Stop saying “I have a boyfriend” when some dude hits on you and you’re not interested.

Bone without meat: vegan sex. Instagram bans boobs, but not guns. Can you smell gender?

The next episode of DTF is Friday the 9th and features comedian Alejandro Morales and G Philly writer Christina Ferraz! You should also start getting excited about Sleepover: the new Philly girl party.

Designing thoughtful games for childhood play around sexuality.

leaking nudesHow to be a better top. How to make eroticism a priority in a long term relationship.

Study finds women aren’t just run by their periods. WHAAAT? The sex talks that young women should get.

Man with world’s biggest penis promises it to museum after his death.

What can the US do about the kidnapped Nigerian girls who are going to be sold?

Only a couple more days to enter submissions of personal or academic nature for upcoming SEXx event!

The new resource that hopes to be “Our Bodies, Ourselves”  for trans people. Small Missouri town parents notified of student’s gender change.

Maryland PD plans to livetweet prostitution sting. The Hookup Truck is available for your short-term flings.

Hat tip to Karin, Melanie & Griff!

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