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Friday Sex Links

Were most cave artists women? Talking about duck penises: where’s all the animal vagina research?

Celebs boycott hotel owned by Brunei Govt because they’re bringing back stoning for adultery and homosexuality. Womens’ groups applaud new Kenyan law that legalizes polygamy, Americans are confused.

The other side of privilege at Princeton. The sexual politics of veganism.

Last call to enter submissions of personal or academic nature for upcoming SEXx event!

Xrun: an “adult” tough mudder. Don’t suck at Fetlife: a guide to kinky social media. “I went to an atheist dating site and basically met perverts.” Meet the winner of Miss Kinky America!

easy way outPhilly woman films her abortion, it goes viral. Whoops: man accidentally given vasectomy.

Why are people afraid of bisexuality?

Estrogen’s role in impulsive behavior. Get tested before trying testosterone supplements.

Who were my picks for G Philly’s Woman Crush Wednesday? The next episode of DTF is TONIGHTand features comedian Alejandro Morales and G Philly writer Christina Ferraz!

US teen pregnancy, birth and abortion rates reach historic lows.

The stigma and pain of uterine prolapse among Nepalese women, triggered by overwork and early childbirth. French team makes history by hiring first female coach of top tier soccer team.

Women ride sybian sex machines as a fundraiser to fight female genital mutilation,

H/t to Lydia, Kristin, Cassy, Melissa!

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