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Tuesday Sex Links!

What are the topless laws in your state? How many polyamorists are there in the US? Do men and women see color differently?

Sure, they’re hot, but are they right for you? Teen with vitiligo lands spot on Next Top Model. The BBC covers Feminist Porn Conference! The whole “no makeup” thing is great… if you’re already conventionally attractive.

How does street harassment affect eating disorder recovery? Turkish dating game contestant admits murdering wife and lover.

masturbation hutHard truths about girl-on-guy rape. Teen’s art project on rape culture censored.

Will ‘internal bra’ replace boob jobs? Andre Johnson explains why he cut off his penis. The deadly science behind testicle squeezing. Pregnant woman dies after ovary removed, instead of appendix.

Locations conducive to lesbianism according to a 1950s guide. Wacky facts about British sex lives. 20% of people would have sex with a robot, survey finds.

It’s not just cartel laundering Chase Bank that hates porn stars, but also Amazon and Paypal, etc.

Hat tip to Melissa, Mark, Dvora, Brendan, S-Man!

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