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Friday Sex Links!

In 1915 a suffragette wrote the satirical piece “Why We Oppose Votes For Men.” Finally, a website that just tracks male nudity in film and TV (15 years after Mr Skin). The feminist version of history you never hear about.

We owe Monica Lewinsky an apology. Teen kicked out of prom because dads found her too sexy. Internet reactions to Solange and Jay Z reveal what’s wrong with us.

nails donePinkwashing: when companies pretend to be LGBT supportive. Oprah gets rights to Michael Sam TV series. Why is Washington still doing business with Brunei, despite death penalty for adultery and gay sex?

The most erogenous parts of the female body, ranked by science. Do women’s genital arousal patterns change with ovulation? Female genital mutilation ‘parties’ being held in UK.

Russia hates on Conchita Wurst, the drag queen who won Eurovision. Carmen Carrera poses nude for Life Ball promo. Trailblazing transgender University of Nebraska professor to retire after 38 years. “No one wants to be tolerated for who they are, folks want acceptance.”

Missouri legislators prove they don’t want to prevent abortion, just make it harder to get. New Hampshire adds buffer zone around clinics.

There’s a flyer being passed out at Columbia listing the names of rapists. Could a video game help men learn empathy about street harassment?

Hat tip to Paul, Lydia!

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