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Tuesday Sex Links!

Not feeling desirable? Your uniqueness is more important than your mate value. Spouses usually have DNA in common

What if we admitted to kids that sex is about pleasure? Turn any object into a dildo with this magical device.

oregon“Why I posed naked and natural.” What 9 months of pregnancy really does to a woman’s body. Photos that capture the power of stereotypes and labels.

Should paid menstrual leave be a thing? Is female genital mutilation on the rise in the US?

SEXx- a TEDx style sexuality event is coming to Philly May 29th!

How will primaries shake up the gender split in Congress? Gender discrimination is at the heart of the wage gap. NYT publisher claims gender had nothing to do with Jill Abramson firing.

Same-sex couples marry in Oregon after judge strikes down discriminatory ban. Utah has to recognize 1300 same-sex marriages.

Jason Patric’s sperm donor case may change paternity rights law. World’s oldest sperm found. 6 bizarre types of sperm found in nature.

Porn star’s medical fundraiser suspended. 3 porn stars explain why they went into the industry. Pamela Anderson opens up about childhood sexual abuse.

Facebook’s “ask” button takes creeping to a new level.

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