Sex in the news / Sex Links

Friday Sex Links!

Crossfit gym in Denmark offering nude workouts. 15 finalists in Pornhub’s search for non-pornographic ads.

Pickup Artist Neil Strauss of The Game, 10 years later. What percentage of Americans are married by your age?

poster_smallMay 29th is SEXx, a TEDx-style event devoted to sexuality: sliding scale admission, free food and beverage, giveaways!

Recently release docs show government efforts to keep gays out of jobs. Marriage equality comes to Pennsylvania. DC adoption law draws region’s lesbians to give birth in the city. Jocks, otters, bears, wolves and other categories of gay men. “While writing Orange is the New Black, I realized I was gay.”

College porn performer outed, harassed to suicide. “Porn star” She-Hulk comments enrage feminist comic fans. Berlin lawmakers seek gender equity in traffic lights.

Janeane Garofalo in defense of pubic hair. Club Sexy Time wants you to lick your phone.

Iranian women arrested for performing in Happy video without hijabs.

Men are men:” a look at transphobia in the gay community.

Hat tip to S-Man, Melanie, Nathan, Carina, Arden!

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