Sex in the news / Sex Links

Tuesday Sex Links!

Make your own ices/dildos!

Ad campaign using topless models to promote breastfeeding incites criticism.

Australian prom for LGBT teens is coming up! Portraits of people who don’t identify as a gender. New research on gay men and pheromones.

gender binaryHPV affects 2/3rds of people. Should HPV testing replace the Pap Smear?

May 29th is SEXx, a TEDx-style event devoted to sexuality: sliding scale admission, free food and beverage, giveaways!

Exercise can help sex lives for women on antidepressants.

Ohio superintendent destroyed evidence, lied to investigators to cover up for rapist athletes. German court outlaws keeping intimate pictures of your ex. Men who feel ashamed of their bodies more prone to rape? Pope to meet sex abuse victims at Vatican.

The sex talk for 21st century parents. The problem with Willow Smith’s Instagram.

Nigerian girls located but can’t be rescued.

#YesAllWomen puts spotlight on gendered violence. Isla Vista attacks on women all too familiar. History of the word bitch.

Hat tip to Anne, David, Nikki!

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