Sex in the news / Sex Links

Friday Sex Links!

United Methodist church might split on sexuality issues. Church of Scotland moves closer to ordaining gay ministers.

Gay Connecticut boy wins Prom Queen, rocks it. Google’s gender and ethnic diversity, charted. Contradictions in gender, money and dating found in survey data.

From “homosexual impulses” to “war on masculinity” the worst coverage of UCSB massacre. Dissecting America’s ideas of masculinity. How the media has long defined Black masculinity.

Men don’t see the harassment women experience. Your princess is in another castle: misogyny, entitlement and nerds. There’s no such thing as a slut. DJ/producer Betoko convicted of beating girlfriend, serves no time.

iudRIP, Maya Angelou. Women love Hillary, men not so much.

Orlando woman breaks record for oldest mom using her own eggs. The reason people over 50 cheat.

Hypewatch: “significantly” more orgasms? Will erectile drugs go over-the-counter? Why are men reluctant to go to the doctor?

Pakistani woman stoned to death by family for marrying the man she loves. Gang rapes in India and police inaction. First count of third gender in Indian census.

Hat tip to Pete, Andy!

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