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Tuesday Sex Links

18 pop culture songs about one night stands. Why do we get it on at night?  Stats on how much men and women masturbate, by age group.  I wrote a round of questions for Johnny Goodtimes’ quizzo this week, including the question of the week.

Are we actually attracted to women, or just their makeup? What people really look like. Sexy femmes in suits. Is sex the purpose of creativity? Illustrated guide to sex and death in Game of Thrones.

The next DTF is June 13th and features comics Tim Butterly and John McKeever. Get your tickets now for the Woodhull Sexual Freedom Summit.

Medicare will now cover trans-related health care costs. New series, “Brothers,” documents the lives of transmen.

SFS_TimareeSchmit28 year old Yemeni “bride” murdered at hands of 40 year old husband on wedding night.

#YesMenCan and the guys who are standing up for women. Gentleman’s guide to rape culture. How NOT to derail conversations about violence against women.

HIV and sex crimes that shouldn’t be. Dealing with sexuality and dementia in nursing homes.

Don Draper and American masculinity in 2014. Evolutionary reasons men overestimate their sexiness. The myth that men fear intimacy contributes to their idea of their disposability.

Not the Onion: hurricanes with female names kill more because people don’t find them as threatening.

Maya Angelou’s sex work history and International Whore’s Day.

Hat tip to David, Hani, Vanessa, Alfie, Heather and Mary!

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