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Friday Sex Links!

An evolutionary view of the “gay gene.” Important and surprising findings in recent sex research. How sense of small affects attraction.

“I am Scout Willis and this is the only thing I have to say about walking topless on the streets of New York last week.” Rihanna goes to awards show basically naked. Shailene Woodley defends nudity in sex scenes.

Real women talking about masturbation. How to show up to fuck a turned on woman.

Parents lose battle to bar son with special needs from marrying.

The next DTF is June 13th and features comics Tim Butterly and John McKeever. This podcast is the next best thing to being at the Feminist Porn Conference.

eviLaverne Cox: for girls like us, it’s life or death. Super gross and inaccurate op ed about Laverne Cox written for National Review is removed. How to dehumanize a trans person in 3 easy steps.

Bachelorette parties being banned from gay bars. Texas Republicans consider putting bullshit “reparative therapy” for gays in platform.

Why the Bechdel test is super important. Was Malificent made for the gays?

Meet Britian’s oldest prostitute. Kelly Shibari: first plus sized cover model for Penthouse.

Slut shaming, sexist school dress code called out by student. Montana judge to be censured over rape comments.

Ohio lawmakers don’t understand how IUDs work. Nobody cares why you date white girls. Uncomfortable truths about the men’s rights movement.

Hat tip to Nikki, Erica, Girff, Sonalee, Cassy, Melanie, Arden, Santanu, Melanie!

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