Sex in the news / Sex Links

Tuesday Sex Links

New reality show proposed where women give birth in the wild. Birth rates related to latitude, time of year. 12 signs you’re not a baby person.

Mob assaults on women overshadow Egyptian inauguration.  What is driving rapes in Liberia? George Will thinks sexual assault survivors are liars looking for privilege. #SurvivorPrivilege goes viral.

How sexist is your favorite video game? Will OITNB finally recognize bisexuality? Orphan Black explodes TV’s gender norms.

i'm yoursCheck out NYC’s polyamorous-only apartments. When women pursue sex, even men don’t get it.

The next DTF is FRIDAY June 13th and features comics Tim Butterly and John McKeever.

Teaching positive masculinity, a new cultural model for modern man. The left and masculinity. Creepy yet gorgeous portraits of fathers and daughters making purity pledge.

Pics are up from the #SEXxPHL event and Dyke March 2014

Methods of slowing ejaculation.

Sir Mix A Lot performs Baby got Back with orchestra, ladies go nuts.

Cops secretly record men in gas station bathrooms, post vids to website. Woman who had sex with dolphin in lab experiments speaks out.

What does good, gender-neutral leadership in tech look like?

Hat tip to Melanie, Ashley, Thain, Arden, Josh!

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