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Friday Sex Links

Portraits of same-sex couples in Vietnam. Progress on transgender rights and health. Big Gay Ice Cream coming to Philly. PA drops bid to get inheritance tax from lesbian widow. “What’s worse: calling me a faggot or quietly denying me my rights?”

Why do we sleep together? Young, straight men more likely to hug each other?

What’s Apple’s problem with female sexuality? Attacks on breastfeeding moms part of the larger issue of female shaming. “4 lies my church taught me about sex.” 5 things you can do to stop slut shaming.

play with yourselfAre you ready for cannabis lube? Yoga poses to make you a better bottom. A phone number to give out when you feel like it’s unsafe not to.

The next DTF is TONIGHT: June 13th and features comics Tim Butterly and John McKeever.

I was named in G Philly’s Woman Crush Wednesday this week. J The most recent in Timaree’s Body for Philly Weekly.

There were more severed heads than female presenters at E3 2014. A brief history of male feminism.

Things women are supposed to do to avoid being raped. A few words on #survivorprivilege. Female genital mutilation on the rise in the US.

If you’re monogamous, do you still need a Pap Smear? Why are so few whites and Asians getting tested for HIV? Only 8% of gynecologists routinely talk to their patients about sexual behavior. How clean are your sex toys?

Hat tip to Zhana, Kati, Liberty, Tim, Melanie!

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