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Friday Sex Links!

Japan bans child porn… except manga. For one-night stands, girth matters. Mommy blogger slowly kills son to drive web traffic. Women lose their shit over sexy mugshot. Is the Mile High Club the motivation behind the invention of auto-pilot?

Using dental dams without killing the mood.

Vasectomy as part of a plea deal? Alabama’s sexual morality laws never got updated. Stunning swimsuits modeled by women with mastectomies.

morally ambiguous honey badgerSexism and double standards on teen sexting. Facebook finally allows breastfeeding pics.

The importance of kindness in relationships. Love lessons from the animal world. will help you find a date that looks like your ex.

Why do soldiers rape? Rape victims told by Bob Jones University to repent, that their sins led to the assault. American Apparel CEO ousted, possibly due to many accusations of sexual misconduct.

The dark side of anal porn. 5 ‘deviant’ sex acts that might be good for you.

Obama to sign federal anti-discrimination order protecting LGBT. Texas dads denied parental rights to their own twin sons.

Losing our Strong Female Characters to Trinity Syndrome. On X:Men, fantasies and gender roles. A complete and depressing guide to fictional female Presidents. Women lawyers lectured like children on what to wear. The trap of asking young actresses (and no other actors) if they are feminists.

Hat tip to Anne, Mikey, Joseph, Cassy, Tess, Kathryn, S-Man, Melanie!

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