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Tuesday Sex Links!

Right now, every state same-sex marriage ban is being legally challenged. Mr Gay Philly names first transman as winner. 8 questions to stop asking bisexuals

Sociosexual orientation: predilection towards or away from casual sex. Why you have sexual fantasies and what they mean.

Tattoo-covered seniors answer the question, “but what will it look like when you’re older?” Portraits of unshaven women.

breakfast clubHow to deal with jealousy. The couple that had sex in front of 2000+ people in the Piazza during the US v Portugal game.

We all benefit from better representation. The engagement photo series that flips gender roles.

Saying “I do” and saying farewell.

#NotJustHello trends conversation about street harassment.

The latest in artificial body parts includes vaginas. The TaTa Top: wear a bikini with nipples to fight anti-nipple stigma.

Brooklyn’s smallest penis contest. Vanity plates too risqué for Utah’s DMV.

Hobby Lobby continues to not understand how IUDs work. 6 questions about the Supreme Court case Sebelius v Hobby Lobby. What’s at stake in the case? The public continues to favor contraceptive coverage.

George Will column dropped by at least one major newspaper after rape privilege piece. Christian radio host arrested for child rape.

Hat tip to Erica, Kitty, Melissa, Alex, Crystal!

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