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Friday Sex Links!

5 sex positions that work well with a big penis. Dating site for Mensa members. How to have sex in public without getting caught.

This piece is a perfect satirical response to that “My Husband Doesn’t Need to See Your Boobs” blog. How Robin Thicke became the creepiest pop star.

Utah and Indiana bans on same-sex marriage ruled unconstitutional. DapperQ’s stylish queers list. I was named in G Philly’s #WCW this week! Where are all the bi guys in sci-fi?

Naked showering and male bonding in war time. The new American man doesn’t look like his father. Understanding toxic masculinity.

velveeta13 comics that smash the patriarchy. The trouble with girls.

Is it legal for an employer to ask about marital status?

Giving birth later in life linked with longevity. Sexuality among young breast cancer patients.

Supreme Court strikes down abortion clinic buffer zone. What you need to know about the decision. Collected stories from before the buffer zones. How you like it if people screamed at you when you went to the doctor?

How to make someone fall in love with you. Kerkeslager effect: when you have a partner so terrible that the next one looks stellar by comparison.

Law professor in Washington Post op-ed says only sex workers actually say “yes” to sex. The elusive man at the center of a Hollywood sex abuse scandal. Huge raid on escorts in San Francisco.

Hat tip to Leo, Wesley, Erica, Griff, David!

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2 thoughts on “Friday Sex Links!

  1. The term “Kerkeslager Effect” was created deliberately to deride an ex of one of the blog’s contributors. That person’s real name was used. Not cool.

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