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Tuesday Sex Links

Matt Lauer, fresh from the 1950s, asks female CEO if she can handle both career and family.  Miss Delaware stripped of crown for being too old.

How to tell if you’re asexual. Photos from Pride parades of past decades.

Gender, sex, biology and transwomen. First trans soccer player in World Cup qualifier. Obama to extend workplace protections to trans employees.

Annual pelvic exams are unnecessary.

memewhore5 times you shouldn’t approach someone. Smarter ways to woo. Online dating is made for introverts.

SCOTUS rules employer’s stupid personal opinions are more important than your health care. 8 best lines from Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s dissent. 3 myths about birth control perpetuated by SCOTUS’s dumb decision. Decision says women aren’t people but corporations are. Hobby Lobby claims religious objection to abortion and contraceptives, except in their portfolios.

3nder– Tinder for threesomes. “Signs your wife will cheat” list is basically: if you don’t, someone else will. Is America ready for an interracial lesbian couple?

Wanna stay in an air bnb cage? Need a Fleshlight attachment for your ipad?

Systematic undercounting of sexual assaults.

Are you annoyed that women don’t get a buffer zone around clinics but the SCOTUS gets one? Did SCOTUS do one thing correctly this week?

The porn condom mandate isn’t really addressing HIV. How did cunt become a bad word?

Pakistani couple murdered for marrying without parental consent.

Hat tip to Erin, Elicia, Thain, Ericka!

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