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July 4th Sex Links!

Jeremy Meeks’ hot mugshot lands him a modeling contract. How bisexual models are bucking the male gaze. Inside the touchy-feely world of polyamory.

health careRuling on Hobby Lobby expanded to include all contraceptives. SCOTUS to rule on pregnant workers’ rights. Post-Hobby Lobby ruling, religious orgs want exception to LGBT protections. Hobby Lobby invests in contraceptives and abortions. The Hobby Lobby case is all about controlling women’s sexuality.

Hook up app users more likely to test positive for STIs. A worksheet to help you talk about sex with partners.

Solving the problem of signage on a gender neutral bathroom door. Steel dresses play with masculinity and femininity.

The colostomy bag-bearing bikini pic that went viral.

“I was 31 before I got my heart broken.” Is relationship OCD killing your sex life? When love and limerence come into conflict.

How stigma makes sex ed ineffective. Middle schoolers who sext are more than 3x more likely to have sex.

Same-sex love across the animal kingdom. You can basically design your own baby now.

Navy gets first female 4-star admiral.

Hat tip to Jesse, Griff, Wesley, Jordyn, Ericka!

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