Sex in the news / Sex Links

Tuesday Sex Links

Footballers who are “allowed” to have sex during World Cup do better. Should professors and grad students be able to have sexual relationships? Why does the idea of women having sex outside of marriage enrage some people?

Contraception by remote control? Obama’s solution to the contraceptives controversy caused by SCOTUS.  Birth control coverage is great for business. Religious groups prep for Hobby Lobby repeat. SCOTUS has already lied about their contraceptives ruling.

The next #DTF is July 18 and features comedians Mary Radzinski and Jim Grammond.

Children of same-sex parents are healthier? Why are gay rights winning but women’s are losing?

breast friendThree ways (two good, one bad) to fight campus rape. Pope asks forgiveness of sex abuse victims. Nurse sentenced for necrophilia.

“I wore a bikini and nothing happened.” Michelle Rodriguez moves on from Cara Delevingne to Zac Efron, rampant biphobia erupts.

More than 60 Nigerian girls escape from Boko Haram

Can a couple’s “how we met” story predict their future? How to get your spouse to change… maybe. Three sure fire ways to ruin your marriage. 10 lessons about sex I wish I’d learned when I was younger.

Astronaut Sally Ride on the burden of being the first. There are way more options for gender. Some NFL cheerleaders will finally make minimum wage.

Canada’s proposed C36 is bad news bears for sex workers. What can you do to fight it. The group Stop Patriarchy is actually not good feminism.

Hat tip to Santanu, Melanie, Anne

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