Sex in the news / Sex Links

Friday Sex Links!

Idaho won’t let this veteran be buried next to her wife. The proposed Massachusetts bill that would ban sex during divorce. 82 employers who want to deny birth control coverage.

Why does Hollywood only tell the stories of gay men who are white? What can you learn about women by talking to the founder of Tinder? What do the internet’s most infamous trolls teach us about feminism?

My boobs don’t need your husband to see them/ you probably think this blog is about you.” Woman denies kiss to Tour de France winner, gets called bitch.

Shadow weddings: the new, dark and brutally honest wedding ritual.

romantic and sexual attractionFinding alternatives to Jewish ritual circumcision. Does the presence of pubic hair turn art into porn?

Snowflake: the online Build-a-Bear of sex toys.

The next #DTF is July 18 and features comedians Mary Radzinski and Jim Grammond.

The GoPro vibrator that helps take seriously intimate selfies. Why is masturbation more shocking than sex in a movie? According to Apple, vagina is inappropriate but penis is not.

Why cops get away with rape. Seriously, twitter? #jadapose trends, mocking sexual assault victim.

Hat tip to Melanie, Scott, Shawn, Felipe, Jackie, Cynthia, Sonalee!

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