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Friday Sex Links!

Thor is now a woman. Constantine is no longer bisexual or a chain smoker. Trans student at George Fox denied housing request.

16 cities where women earn more than men. 7 lies we need to stop telling about women who wear hijabs.

Abstinence-only education teaches lies to ill-informed virgins. Getting the AIDS epidemic under control by 2030 is “possible.”

Blow job lessons from She Bop. Learn how to eat pussy, get paid back. Five oral sex moves you’ve never tried. Are gays to thank for the rise of heterosexual ass play?

The next #DTF is TONIGHT July 18 and features comedians Mary Radzinski and Jim Grammond.

all i haveRhode Island accidentally decriminalized sex work and great things happened.

How the internet fell in love with Ruth Bader-Ginsburg. Satire: how to yell at babies about gender theory.

The long road to abortion for the poorest women. Couples with marital stress more likely to have daughters.

PA pray-the-gay-away pastor accused of molesting teen boy. Can technology cure pedophilia? Why do people feel bad for men accused of sexual predation?

Jada, 16 year old girl whose rape went viral speaks back. Female genital mutilation and child marriage: grandmothers are part of the problem and the solution. 14 year old Indian girl ordered to be rape as legal retribution for brother’s crimes.

Japanese artist makes 3D renderings of her vulva, gets in big trouble. Judge nixes Philly’s attempt to tax lap dances.

Hat tip to Leo, Paul, Thain, Lydia, Felipe, Melanie, Chris!

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