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Tuesday Sex Links

20 images of lesbian sex, according to stock photography. 31 adorable terms for sexual intercourse from the last 600 years.

Evidently you can’t go in a Philly public pool in an American Apparel swimsuit. Free the nipple and wear uterus panties. The trouble with “lady parts.” Fierce drag queen transformations that will blow your wig off.

for youThe correlation between money, sex and happiness. A woman has been filming her catcallers’ reactions to her confronting them. A year of chastity for charity.

The awesome feminism of Calvin and Hobbes. Hahahahahahahaha schadenfreude: Sex Tape bombs at theaters.

Anti-abortion activist doesn’t understand birth control pills, refuses to work with them, sues when family clinic won’t hire her. Johns Hopkins owes $190 million in settlement over doctor who secretly filmed pelvic exams.

Dating while mentally ill. What’s the best time to tell a date you have herpes? Cancer therapy may have cured 2 of HIV.

Hat tip to Melanie, Greg, Crystal, John!

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