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Friday Sex Links!

The orgasm gap might explain why that wife said no so many times to the spreadsheet-making husband.

Next time someone says catcalling is a compliment, show them this. Women who are ambivalent about women against women against feminism. Cards against Harassment.

One year after Sisters closes, a call for crowdfunding a women’s bar in Philadelphia! Philly queen Misty Maven on next season of RuPaul’s Drag Race?

oitnbEEOC hits back at Hobby Lobby. Time to discuss pup play among gay men. Brides and grooms: don’t make these wedding mistakes.

I was on the latest episode of Talking Nerdy. #DTF got a glowing review on Philly Gay Calendar!

Cancer therapy may have killed HIV in 2 patients. HIV-killing condom approved in Australia.

5 tips for avoiding conflict in your relationship. Paging Dr. Nerdlove: why do girls keep ditching me?

How to deal with slut-shamers. Why we care about other people’s sex lives. Mormon church hasn’t budged on gender roles in 40 years.

9 year old boy marries woman in her 60s in South Africa. Bey and J may or may not be breaking up, but this article does a great job examining the way celebs’ personal lives and their business decisions merge.

Hat tip to Mindy, Lisa, Dave, Josh!

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