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Tuesday Sex Links!

Artist censors works in the Louvre to mock Facebook’s stupid rules. OKCupid has been screwing with you.

5 myths about the gender pay gap. Old-school butch lesbian gives a concise explanation of gender and the ways we learn about it. Stop minimizing the costs of teaching girls to be safe, teach boys to not harm.

The next episode of #DTF is August 8th and features comedians Steve Swan and Michael Kramer Casey.

rub one outMost female voters say they won’t back candidates who support Hobby Lobby decision. Satanists use “religious freedom” argument to be exempt from abortion laws.

Surgeon removes sex toy that had been lodged in woman for over 10 years.  Abstinence-only crusader’s 17 year old daughter is pregnant because clearly that works really well.

“A man walks into a bar” is the story you didn’t know you needed to read. Demonstrating value to potential mates is different than being flashy.

With the Y chromosome, does size matter? 7 things that a man needs to feel loved.

Same-sex couples dealing with divorce in a complex legal landscape. Federal appeals court rules VA ban on same-sex marriage is unconstitutional.

Is scissoring really a thing? There’s a spreadsheet of a wife chronicling the lack of sex in her marriage now too. Psychopathic personality traits and casual and kinky sex.

Hat tip to Zhana, Josh, Blanca!

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