Sex in the news / Sex Links

Friday Sex Links!

Air BnB’s new logo looks like every sex organ. A couch shaped like a vulva.  A brief guide to the history of the NSFW history of penis art. Professional sex toy tester has 15 orgasms a day.

Turn breasts into site-specific art installations. Does the grapefruit blowjob technique work? Reasons you should switch to the menstrual cup. Controversial hysterectomy tool removed from market.

The next episode of #DTF is August 8th and features comedians Steve Swan and Michael Kramer Casey, plus performance artist Icon Ebony Fierce.

maya ripThe only remaining abortion clinic in Mississippi. What one English teacher said when parents tried to ban “Handmaid’s Tale” from the classroom. Richard Dawkins helpfully mansplains rape.

Ways sleeping naked is good for you. Teen not allowed to play volleyball because she’s too good looking. Man fired for article about homophones that “made school sound gay.” Another ‘Bachelorette’ finale gets weird.

Teen sexually assaulted at concert while people watched and filmed. Lest we think it’s only athletes: OSU band director fired for not putting a stop to sexual harassment. Britain’s complicity in massive child sexual abuse scandal.

Celebrating 40 years of disabled lesbian activism and art.  We are the 15%: a tumblr of interracial families. VA same-sex marriage ruling reverberates through region.

How to think more about sex. What sex-positive parenting really looks like.

“Women against feminism, my husband is more than a living jar-opener.” Can women objectify men? #Manservants is not for sex, but it should be.

50 Shades of Grey movie is even worse than you expect. You should watch Secretary instead.

Hat tip to Melanie, Carina, Jesse, Heather, Kelly, Anne, Alfie!

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