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Tuesday Sex Links!

Songs you never realized were about bottoming. 18 people who are doing sexting right. More reasons 50 Shades of Grey is terrible. Watch porn without all the distracting sex. Describe your first sexual experience with a gif.

Ugandan court invalidates anti-gay legislation. The connection between drugs and hook ups in gay culture.

The economics of beauty. Patriarchy and purity.

augustRemember that article that said couples that split housework don’t have sex? It’s not true. Man busted for child porn after gmail finds it in scan.

Current birth control pills carry higher risk of breast cancer. Gay men draw vaginas. Keeping your yoni young. Japanese artist jailed for vagina kayak.

The next episode of #DTF is August 8th and features comedians Steve Swan and Michael Kramer Casey and performance artist Icon Ebony Fierce.

What is a woman? The debate between TERFs and transwomen. First lesbian to serve as governor. Invest in a lesbian bar in Philly. Do lesbian couple always have a butch and femme?

The importance of sexual function for paralyzed men. Crowdfund the Vulvatron.

Testicle-eating fish found in Russia. Missoula braces for Testicle Festival. Germany is the world capital of penis enlargement.

Hat tip to Jesse, Heather, Kiera!

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