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Miley Cyrus Was Asking For It

Yeah, yeah, I should be writing about Syria.

Actually, no. I don’t know anything about Syria, not enough to pronounce to other people in an authoritative way how they should feel about it. But not having information and not thinking things out certainly doesn’t stop most of the internet from voicing its opinion. miley-cyrus-robin-thicke-reaction-performance__oPt

But the thing is, I actually know about Miley Cyrus and the VMA performance. And I couldn’t walk 20 feet Monday without some random person talking mad shit on a 20 year old girl they don’t know who they think is too slutty. Which is kind of what people love doing to 20 year old girls they don’t know.

More than authoritative pronouncements on this matter, I have questions.

  • How come I didn’t see anybody write about how scandalous Bruno Mars was for singing a song about fucking while air humping? I mean, it’s literally the male counterpart move to the action Miley was doing.
  • Why was Robin Thicke dressed like Beetlejuice? And since when did that dude get mad about girls wearing flesh-toned outfits and grinding on him? Is it only OK as long as they don’t upstage him?
  • Why do some people think that if a person starts as a child star, they have to stay that benign and sexless forever?
  • Is it possible to say, “Miley’s kind of shit at dancing and really, it wasn’t my thing, but I’m really fucking sick of slut shaming as a kneejerk reaction whenever a female is sexual in public?”
  • Are we over Gaga? How is it that she wears fewer clothes than Miley and does a modern day re-enactment of the Sprockets and I read nary a comment?
  • Where are my white people who can see how the really objectionable part of Miley’s act was how she appropriated Blackness for her act but ultimately uses people of color as accessories?
  • Has anyone asked for a quote from the boardroom full of white men who planned the whole VMAs and the career trajectory of most of these performers?
  • In dollars, how much do you think this insane amount of free publicity is worth to her career and the corporate machine behind it?
  • At what age can a female express sexual agency in public? At what age must they stop? And what are the exact specifications of your personal attraction template so she knows how to look so you’ll like it?

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2 thoughts on “Miley Cyrus Was Asking For It

  1. For me, the unasked question is, who were the producers and directors who directed this crap? These musicians and dancers don’t make up their own acts, it’s all part of a show put together by, I’m sure, a white male production team that believes that sex sells.

  2. I would imagine that if I were a twenty year old girl with somewhat limited talent who is best remembered as the lead in a children’s program, and I were also the daughter of a one hit wonder from the nineties, I would probably do nearly anything to get the world to look at me in a different light, lest I quickly be relocated to the has been hell of reality television. However, the day after the VMA’s were broadcast on MTV, it was reported that the estate of JD Salinger would be releasing five new books by him in the next seven years, essentially doubling his career output. The release of such a wealth of material by such a major figure strikes me as a fairly significant entertainment related news story, but the funny thing is, almost nobody noticed. Too bad really.

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