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Friday Sex Links!

How to actually marry smart. The new rules for relationships. How to solve the ONLY sex fight. 9 signs you’re in the right relationship. Truths about dating someone of a different religion. How to leave a toxic relationship. What do the fantasies in your head mean?

Go ahead and delete the bitchy Secret app. A version of the hot/crazy matrix but about men. The tech driving the billion dollar camgirl industry.

consensual sexThe next episode of #DTF is TONIGHT: August 8th and features comedians Steve Swan and Michael Kramer Casey and performance artist Icon Ebony Fierce.

Why did the NFL give such a light sentence for to Ray Rice for choking his girlfriend? Gun loopholes need to be closed to end domestic violence deaths. Mom calls 911 after finding son’s porn.

Wanna invest in a lesbian bar in Philly?

Beautiful cervix project. VaginaPagina. “Spornosexuality,” body image and boys. 5 things we learned from the slut shaming of Nicki Minaj.

National immunization month- get protected from HPV! ACLU battles crazy abortion laws in Alabama.

What one mom learned about gender identity from her child. Nine West helpfully (sexistly) explains to women when they need to wear shoes.

The campaign against the condoms-in-porn bill. Picking body-safe materials for your sex toys.

Hat tip to Griff!

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One thought on “Friday Sex Links!

  1. I love reading your articles. Referring to the Ray Rice incident and the commentary by Steve Smith followed. Maybe we should teach men what to do in situations in which women start to become argumentative or start to act out with violence. I dated a girl that grew up in a family with domestic violence and I did not know how to handle situations when she would initiate arguments with me or threaten to hit me. I know his statements are controversial but DV is more than just “men shouldn’t hit women”

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