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Tuesday Sex Links

The Economist endorses legalization of sex work. Mary Roach on the science of masturbation. This guy is the woman you thought you were having cybersex with. Postman posing in penis pouch for charity. Adults share the wrongest things they used to believe about sex.

Fate of PA clinic buffer zones unclear. We need to stop teaching kids that “no means force.”

ppf_timaree_posterYou’re more polyamorous than you think. Correlations between casual sex and wellbeing. Relationship myths you need to ditch.

Men are great allies in combatting street harassment. TX man knocked out after trying to intervene in catcalling in Rittenhouse Square. Can men be friends with women to whom they’re attracted? Don’t be friends with a rapist. Infamous Reddit troll Violentacrez apologizes…kind of.

I was on the latest episode of Wait, Wut? talking lesbian sex positions, dildo capitalism and designer vaginas. What it’s like to be a dominitrix.

Annoying questions same-sex parents are tired of answering. The origins of twerking. In defense of men taking up a ton of room when they sit.

The health risks of forcing kids to adhere to gender roles. The woman who took a selfie in her birthday suit every year for decades. “Why I started -and stopped- using the asterisk after trans.” OITNB star visits art exhibit, sexually objectifies it, missing the entire point.

Hat tip to Sam, Heather, Ryan, Kate, Heather, Melanie, Felipe, Joseph, Eli, Dave, Adam, Thain!

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