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Semenette: a Sex Toy So Powerful It Might Knock You Up.

Hey kittens! It’s Throwback Thursday, so I’m reposting a piece from February of 2013!

For couples making use of artificial insemination, the process can be stressful, expensive and, at many points, awkward.

For some lucky folks, the creation of a child begins with an intimate, meaningful but convenient sexual act.

Stephanie Berman wants more of the latter and way less of the former. She wants couples and single women who are looking to use sperm donation to have an easier, less expensive and…  far, far sexier experience.steph berman

Enter the Semenette, an invention so genius in its simplicity that you’ll wonder how no one thought of it before. Or maybe just a kinky novelty toy that you can enjoy when you’re not trying to get preggers. That’s up to you.

Listen to the supremely fascinating interview with the brilliant Stephanie Berman, the inventor of the Semenette. She dishes on the origins of the idea, why helping same-sex couples conceive is so important  to her, the ins-and-outs (hehehe) of use and  the awesome social justice implications for buying this product.

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11 thoughts on “Semenette: a Sex Toy So Powerful It Might Knock You Up.

  1. I’ve tried clicking on the website link above in the paragraph but nothing comes up. I’ve also tried searching for the product online, still nothing. How do I learn more about this product and where to get one?

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