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Friday Sex Links!

Brazilian job-seekers object to invasive prostate and gynecological exams. Is news coverage of tragedies sexist against men? The internet is infuriated over this gang-rape reminiscent Indian fashion shoot. Porn star Christy Mack hospitalized after MMA fighter boyfriend attacks her, flees.

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Cowboys owner in trouble for racy photos. Myths many men believe about sex. George RR Martin explains why there’s no gay sex in Game of Thrones. “I got my pussy stoned on weed lube.” Wii dare you– a sexy party video game. Wanna be a sex worker? Go to college.

awkward momentFemale cartoonists on drawing their own naked bodies. More touch-tech for long distance lovers coming, including hugging shirts. Lauren Bacall was a feminist badass.

The Philly gayborhood is straightening. As a social experiment, a woman spends a weekend sitting like a man on public transit. Why you need to be done with Thought Catalog.

Iranian Maryam Mirzakhani First female winner of the ‘math Nobel.’ PA team makes it to Little League World Series with female pitcher, Mo’Ne Davis. Why have all the US Treasurers since 1949 been women?

What if you realize you’re a pedophile but don’t want to hurt anyone? Wife of top anti-gay pastor leaves him to be with a woman.

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