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Tuesday Sex Links

Performance artist to have sex with a different many every day for a year. Findings from a major study on teenage anal sex show very little is for pleasure, mostly coercive. No, seriously, what’s up with high school teachers having sex with students? NJ school bans transgirl unless she dresses like boy. Disney prince dicks.

ppf_timaree_posterDon’t worry, couples: sharing chores won’t lead to less sex. WNBA players Brittney Griner, Glory Johnson engaged.  Expose project: shedding light on collective beauty.

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How the internet responds when a porn star gets beaten up. Monument to sexual assault survivors going up in NYC. Prison for a man who stood up against homophobic bullies: you can do something about it.

Suit claims cops left mom’s sex toys in kids’ rooms after search.  Man used fake NYPD badge to coerce sex workers. Iowa politician arrested for sex with mentally incompetent wife before she dies.

Avaatin approved to treat late-stage cervical cancer. Flared bases every time, y’all: Man dies after vibrator gets stuck in rectum.

Empowerment and the pole: an assessment of the reinvention of pole dancing. Dancing and feminism. Who has the best butt in Brazil?

Ashley Madison (cheating dating site) spies on user conversations, research shows monogamy doesn’t work for a lot of people. Does a 40 year old ruling give anti-marriage equality advocates a chance in VA? The cost of raising a child in the US is now $245,000. Surrogacy process is a mess.

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