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Friday Sex Links!

Finding your krip body desirable: notes on internalized ableism and self loving. Yes, some women do prefer butches. Is kink a sexual orientation? What Chinese women are looking for in a husband. The social media site for incestuous families. Clearing up lies you’ve been told about vaginas.

Androgyne couple married in Russia in matching dresses.

19 things that are cheaper than raising a kid. Cuddle parties ban sex, but not MDMA. How to make a dental dam; bonus hair tie! The master list of info on birth control options, including FAQs.

her successFederal judges block attempt to close last abortion clinic in Mississippi. The number of US women who need assistance buying contraceptives rising. Most people can’t correctly answer these questions about abortion. Tear gas is an abortifacent– it’s being sprayed on protesters in #Ferguson.

Come to a FREE LIVE episode of Sex with Timaree at Tattooed Mom on Saturday August 23rd at 6 pm featuring Rudy Flesher and drag queen Ladie Geisha! I was recently profiled on a fitness blog.

New York Post writer explains how catcalling is super complimentary; great satire ensues.. Is it possible to ban misogyny on Fark? Peer pressure can combat sexual violence. A no nonsense guide to street harassment. Catcalling is a gateway to physical harassment. Misogyny and baking shows. The MMA douche who beat up Christy Mack claims oppression of men is worse than slavery. Violence as a means of “proving” masculinity.

Man arrested with jars and jars of penises in his apartment. Man arrested for complaining about not getting sex at strip club. A man with no penis doles out great sex advice!

The corniest pickup lines women could ever use. “I was a teenage prostitute…and it was kind of great.”

Hat tip to Bethany, Jim, Betsy, Patrick, Bianca, Melanie!

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