Sex in the news / Sex Links

Tuesday Sex Links

Obama unveils new contraceptive plan for religious non-profits who don’t like science. Sometimes archeologists are misogynists. HPV, vaccines and cervical cancer info.

conversationTransgender Lobby Day gives voice. Chris Mosier, advocate for trans athletes. Vocal training for trans people.

Discussing the politics of desire as a fat person. You can now use Bitcoin to buy 3D printed sex toys. One night stands with strangers are the most iconic, but rarest form of casual sex.

How Antonin Scalia is legalizing same-sex marriage. This grandma can’t figure out how lesbianism works. Why do parents freak about kids learning proper names of anatomy?

School superintendent makes female student bend over during clothing check. The nail polish that changes color when exposed to date rape drugs. How does having a daughter affect your politics? Use the hashtag #IWillNotSmile today on Twitter to raise awareness of how street harassment is used to control women in public spaces.

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