Sex in the news / Sex Links

Friday Sex Links!

How does your favorite Star Trek series fare on the Bechdel test? Brangelina and double standards. Cee-Lo and his insane definition of rape. Why you shouldn’t click on those hacked celeb nudes.

dick pic5 geckos die on space sex mission. The strangest genitalia in the animal kingdom. Health reasons to have more sex. Everything you need to know about ghost sex. Is the British government responsible when an undercover cop impregnates someone who falls for his cover?

Student carries mattress around campus to protest university’s lack of responsiveness on rape.  The psychology of sex slave rings. University of Kansas says rape is less bad if the people involved have had sex before.

The next episode of #DTF is September 12th and features comedians Mike Rainey and Rachel Fogletto.

The recumbent effigy of Victor Noir. History of porn in holy places. The twitter algorithm to figure out your gender. The Air Sex World Championships. Portraits of Playboy Bunnies years later.

Quiet crisis among queer women. Ugandan HIV prevention efforts thwarted by homophobia. US judge blocks crazy abortion law in Texas. Watch the Tindr freakout of a Texas finance dude who can’t handle rejection.

Hat tip to Micah, Erica, Paul, Katie, Bianca, Jane!

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