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Tuesday Sex Links!

What position increases the odds of simultaneous orgasm? What explains the discrepancies in effectiveness rates for contraceptive methods? Can antibiotics affect birth control effectiveness? Hawaii conservatives lose their shit over comprehensive sex education in middle school.

Photos from the Philly Naked Bike Ride. Seth Myers nails the celeb nude photo “hack” scandal. Topeka council to consider nudity ban. Pirated copy of Sims 4 contains nudity glitch.

dtf sep 12Half of Viking warriors were female. The highest paid female CEO is trans. How do catcalls affect women? The ladies-only cab service launching in NYC.

The next episode of #DTF is FRIDAY September 12th and features comedians Mike Rainey and Rachel Fogletto. The March to End Rape Culture is September 27th!

Hear more from the undergrad carrying around the mattress on which she was raped as a protest against her school’s inaction. Practical advice for improving body image. Ray Rice ditched by Ravens after video of domestic violence incident. If you care about women, stop supporting the NFL. Why do Ivy League schools have more sex offense complaints?

When porn is the family business. How do you figure out your porn star name?

9th circuit court will address 3 different marriage equality cases. Ban dropped on gay groups in St Patrick’s Day parade Lesbian obesity study misses the point. Is there any rational argument for not supporting same-sex marriage rights?

Hat tip to Danielle, Melanie, Erica, Icon!

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