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Friday Sex Links!

The counterfeit BDSM toy that will imperil your penis. Online guide to 19th century Philly brothels. New long-term birth control coming in 2017- FOR MEN.

terry crewsMany folks with autism are lacking sex education. Portraits of the private sexual lives of people with disabilities.

The next episode of #DTF is FRIDAY September 12th and features comedians Mike Rainey and Rachel Fogletto.  March to End Rape Culture in Philly September 27th.

#whyistayed and #whyileft trend, explaining personal experiences of surviving abuse. How did Alaska become the rape capital of America? 8 facts about domestic violence everyone should know. NFL players who spoke out against Ray Rice. Some of the excuses given for Ray Rice are the same ones given for Darren Wilson. CDC finds 1 in 5 women raped in lifetime.

The condom’s disappearing act. How did Colorado have the biggest drop in teen pregnancy and abortion? Illinois wants to invest in long-term contraceptives for low income women, idiots freak out. GoFundMe will crowdfund for convicted murderers, but not abortion or sorcery.

How much can you make selling a testicle? Facts about asses. Male and female brains are more alike than different.

Photos of 52 women who changed the world forever. Meet the incredible generation of Native American women fighting to preserve their culture. St Paul’s first female Somali cop has critics and fans. Pastor fired after calling women “penis homes.”

Hat tip to Josh, Lori, Cassy, Rebecca, Anne!

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