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Tuesday Sex Links!

Having a daughter does not make you an expert on girls. Images of masculinity in Pixar movies. Flesh-toned crotch of cycling outfits: awesome or sexist? High school girls given detention for not meeting dress code with shorts and tank tops, despite no AC in the building.

What affirmative consent really means. March to End Rape Culture in Philly September 27th.  Stop thinking like a perpetrator: 4 ways to support survivors of intimate partner violence. Most players accused of domestic violence continue to play in the pros. The epidemic of rape for women crossing the border into the US. 20 year anniversary of Violence Against Women Act. Photoshopped CoverGirl ads calling out NFL for shitty treatment of domestic violence incidents.

march to end rape cultureIs polygamy the next phase of marriage equality battle? House republicans deny same-sex partner benefits to veterans. How to know when you should work on a relationship and when to leave. Entering an existing relationship as a solo poly person.

Sex pest simulator developed for Japanese gropers. Facebook outing LGBT performers. Dating a domme, sub, and switch.

50 best songs about having a crush. Porn parody of cult favorite The Room. OITNB writer divorces husband to date actress who played Poussey.

1 in 5 men denied access to Plan B by NYC pharmacists. How can you safely have a baby if you or your partner is HIV positive?

Malala Yousefzai’s shooters arrested. Will SCOTUS confirm rights for pregnant workers?

Hat tip to Melissa, TammyRae!

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