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Friday Sex Links!

The association between masculinity in facial structure and sperm quality is surprising. Random adults being asked to draw vulvas. Blood hounds are obsessed with period sex. 25 famous women on NOT having children. DILFs of Disneyland will be highly enjoyable to some of you. Sex-loving potheads, here’s your dream job. Feminist approved catcalls. All hail Gwar’s new lead singer, Vulvatron.

about to kiss5 issues in women’s cycling more important than that nude-looking uniform. 4 women joining the FDNY this year, bringing the grand total to 41. It’s 2014 why are men still paying for first dates?

Police release images of suspects in hate crime/robbery in Philly gayborhood, Twitter helps find them. #VogueArticle trends, throws serious shade at the magazine for giving white celebs credit for popularizing big butts. Alison Bechdel (of the Bechdel test fame) won a McArthur Genius Grant. March to End Rape Culture in Philly September 27th.

U of Michigan study finds 1 in 5 men admits to abusive behavior. AZ Republican forced to resign after saying women on public assistance should be sterilized.

Hat tip to Michal, Heather, Micah, Cassy, Matt, Katie!

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