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Tuesday Sex Links!

Clemson sex questionnaire freaks people out. 10 questions not to ask a trans person. Check out Emma Watson’s speech to the UN on feminism.

March to End Rape Culture in Philly September 27th. Charles Blow: Up from Pain. Fraternity busted for using color-coded system to put drugs in girls’ drinks. NFL thinks throwing money at things will solve their women problem.

march to end rape cultureWhy everyone should get divorced before marriage. A brother marries a sister… it’s not what you think. Celebrate Banned Books week. Indie games featuring queer relationships, eroticism and hugs.

Police wrap up investigation into Philly gay bashing, no jail time anticipated. LGBT protections may be added to hate crime law in PA this week. Supreme Court Justice Elena Kagan presides over same-sex wedding.

A guide to manscaping your genitals. Fair trade condoms. Plastic surgery to add a third boob.

Friendzone is BS: Men aren’t entitled to women’s affection. An open letter to the people rapidly distancing themselves from Richard Dawkins. An open letter to American women from the patriarchy. Women led blockbusters haven’t closed the gender gap.

Hat tip to Anne, Melanie, Erica, Alana, lydia!

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