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Friday Sex Links!

OMFG, teach your kids the right names for body parts already. Kansas auctions off sex toys to raise money for schools. PornHub launches record label, searches for theme song. Japanese condom cookbook because reasons. The Christian swingers network only for the super fit.

March to End Rape Culture in Philly THIS WEEKEND: September 27th

bi prideHow and why to celebrate Bisexuality Awareness Week. Bisexual females get more harassment, less support than LGBT peers. Louisiana’s ban on same-sex marriage stuck down. Which case will make it to the Supreme Court? Three charged in Philly hate crime. Another PA state legislator comes out as gay.

After feminism speech to the UN, Emma Watson receives sexual threats, allegedly from 4chan. More celebs have their nude images stolen and posted, including Omarion, finally male stars terrified. Stars with porn pasts.  Why would teens post images of their sex acts on social media?

What sex and birth look like through an MRI machine. Why weren’t women featured in The Wire? What has happened since #BringBackOurGirls? Preference for masculine vs feminine face linked to urban living?

The female Jeremy Meeks: female model’s mugshot goes viral. The dumbest things people learned in sex ed. 10 best things about married sex. That triple boob job was a hoax. Columnist loses job after saying drunk girls are the real threat to frats.

Hat tip to Lisa, Molly, Paul, Larry, Jill, Laura!

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