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Tuesday Sex Links!

Hong Kong plagued with baby drought because their sex is awful. Group sex parties emphasize pleasure and consent. Feminista Jones breaks down the idea of enthusiastic consent and the silencing of sexual liberation. Orthodox Jewish man refuses to sit next to feminist on plane.

Non-monogamy probably won’t save your relationship, but it could. Why we need to talk more about non-monogamy even if that’s not your thing. Internationally acclaimed barrister Amal Alamuddin marries actor. Escape from Duggarville and being a good Christian wife. I’m cheating on you right now.
icebergIs the Juve the tool your Kegel workouts need? Why don’t more women have IUDs? Leah Torres battles false sexual health info via Twitter.

Images from the March to End Rape Culture. The next DTF is October 10th and features comedians David James, Shannon Devido and Kristen Schier! Have you considered donating to support sex positivism?

At least 10 women so far accuse Oklahoma cop of sexual assaultBullied teen forced to wear “gaytard” nametag finds support on Tumblr. Fox News and their “boobs on the ground” joke is whack.

Hat tip to Ken, Melanie, Crystal!

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