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Friday Sex Links!

American parenting is killing  marriage. When someone goes from being a stranger to your whole life and back again, how do you deal? The economic effect of all these single ladies. Online daters marry less, break up more.

Facebook apologizes for discriminatory “real name” policy. Female soccer players sue FIFA over turf, gender discrimination. Jeopardy epic fail: What Women Want category. Study finds porn stars are more religious, have higher self esteem than other women.

how to dealRehtaeh Parsons’s name can’t even be said by Canadian press. Sex, violence and the law in Philly. In Louisiana, rape victims are being charged for post-assault hospital exams. A brilliant response to street harassment.

Pediatricians recommend IUD over the pill for teen girls. “I have HIV and want you to know it”, nearly 2 million young Americans have chlamydia.

The next DTF is October 10th and features comedians Shannon Devido and Kristen Schier, plus drag queen Ladie Geisha!

Canadian porn star pleads not guilty to killing and dismembering partner and mailing the parts. The often-untold complications of miscarriages. This British paper wants revenge porn to be considered a sex crime.

Hat tip to Griff, Jon, Micah, Erin!

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